Monthly Archives: December 2010

Are your images fit for purpose? A rough guide to image files

Remember the days of transparencies and prints? Seems like a lifetime ago. Digital image files are so convenient, they have taken much of the difficulty out of supplying pictures for print and press. However, not every image file suits every …
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Seven ways Twitter can work for your business

“Twitter for business” is a phrase that polarises opinion. Some view Twitter as a fad and the embodiment of the time-wasting social media movement. While Twitter initially started out as a micro-blogging platform, it has grown to become a social …
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Seasonal Greetings? Connecting with your global contacts

Today I received my first Christmas card – and lovely it is too! But it reminded me of the annual debate: should we say ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘Season’s Greetings’? There are some who see the avoidance of any reference to …
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