Pixelated: BDB’s digital digest #4

Two months into the new year, how are your marketing campaigns shaping up? If you’re already looking for inspiration there’s lots of ideas to draw on in René’s overview of the latest developments in the digital space.

Twitter broadens reach with new language support

As an international agency offering campaigns in a multitude of languages, we were thrilled to see Twitter announcing it’s now available to users speaking Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew and Urdu, taking the total to 28 languages around the world. Fast becoming a real-time news resource as well as a go-to-market business promotion tool, this expansion extends Twitter’s reach at a critical time in its life cycle, ensuring it’s here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Facebook develops greater business relevance

Opinion continues to be divided on the relevance and ethics around b2b brands exploring the increasing number of opportunities to promote themselves via Facebook. It’s essentially a personal social network, but in a bid to generate revenue, there has been a ramping up of functionality to support business brands and encourage them to use the platform to engage with would-be customers. Of the key updates, we’re most interested in the upgrades to Facebook Pages, Facebook Timeline for business, Facebook advertising and Facebook Insights. All are neatly summarised with screen grabs in this Social Media Examiner  post.

Maximising web traffic

B2b marketers spend vast sums of money driving traffic to websites but companies can lose potential business when customers arrive and don’t get what they want. It’s good practice to create a number of landing pages, all capable of delivering targeted, relevant content to visitors without the need to necessarily visit the home page. Hubspot regularly writes on web content and two articles have stood out in the last month: this post on compelling calls to action and this one on writing powerful action-generating landing page copy.

Changes to Google Analytics

Linked to maximising traffic, we noticed that Google has made a number of updates to its Analytics interface recently. Most b2b marketers make use of Google Analytics, but it’s critical to use the tool to its fullest. Dan Barker at Smart Insights wrote the best overview of the key changes to navigation, dashboards and reporting.

What digital marketing developments have resonated with you over the last month? Share them below. And if you want to talk digital, contact Rene

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