Meeting the need for future-first marketing

BDB Sustain works to understand how a more sustainable approach to industry, including the circular economy, affects our clients’ businesses. Our consultation can help companies identify and uncover opportunities around their sustainability initiatives, and advise how to ignite them to deliver effective future-first marketing.

By 2030, two Earths will be needed to support our projected natural resource dependency and waste generation. It’s no surprise then, that sustainability is now a major driving force behind the way many businesses operate. Companies are starting to recognise the value of being more sustainable – both from an economic and environmental standpoint – and are increasingly considering their products and processes with people, planet and profitability in mind.

A circular revolution in marketing

The circular economy is a crucial model to support the shift to a more sustainable future. It looks beyond current industrial production processes that centre around the development of an endless supply of disposable products. The circular model focuses on moving away from a single-use mentality in favour of an alternative system with less waste, helping to minimize negative impacts on people and the planet, as well as encouraging a transition to renewable energy sources, all the while building economic, natural and social capital.

With clear insight, we recommend and implement the most relevant marketing communications strategies to ensure positive brand associations and ultimately support the pursuit of sustainable and profitable business models.

The time is now for B2B businesses to harness the opportunities associated with shifting to sustainable business models. According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, there is a net benefit opportunity of €1.8 trillion by 2030 – €0.9 trillion more than the current growth potential.

BDB Sustain can help to drive businesses forward to become leaders in their fields when it comes to sustainability.

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