5 voice search optimisation techniques for growing your business

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Embracing new technology is one of the best ways for companies to reach consumers. Voice assistant devices are among the most talked about hardware, with voice search being pegged as the next major trend in the marketing world. People are using virtual assistants like Alexa and Google Home to shop online and to find new experiences, which has created a lot of potential for B2B companies to optimise their services around this new form of search marketing.

As voice search becomes more prevalent, B2B prospects will inevitably start using it to search for relevant information. Considering 50% of all searches are predicted to be done via voice search by 2020, B2B brands need to adapt to new search habits.

Voice search optimisation (VSO) involves tailoring your content and brand information for voice search queries. It’s useful for reaching customers on the go. According to Martech, customer spending on voice commerce is expected to increase 18% by 2022.

A VSO strategy can be beneficial for businesses that are looking to branch out into voice search technology. Here are five techniques that can help you break into the world of VSO marketing.

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