Beautiful content


Developing sticky social assets from facts

The Challenge:

DSM was looking for more engaging, persuasive ways to communicate the benefits offered by its range of nutritional solutions. In a crowded digital environment, DSM wanted its content to stand out and appeal to its broad b2b audiences – from marketers and management through to R&D and regulatory.

Our Insight:

With access to a wealth of science and consumer insights, BDB recommended placing infographics at the heart of DSM’s content strategy. Research was carried out to understand the critical success factors for infographic creation, such as splitting the story into easily digestible key messages. Versatility was also key, in order to optimise the potential uses of the infographics in both print and digital.

Our Response:

A clear anchor lead design was created, featuring an emotive image where possible to better connect with the reader. For each infographic, BDB recommended a limited colour palette in order to aid comprehension. The infographics are also structured in a way that makes it easy to create bite-sized versions for use across different media and in customer presentations.

DSM’s new impactful house style has been used across a suite of infographics, which BDB proactively promotes across social media and in the trade press. With video performing increasingly well in engaging b2b audiences, BDB now also creates video infographics for use as storytelling tools both online and at exhibitions.

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