Saying ‘No More’ to no more

The Challenge:

Each year, it is estimated that the medical industry loses several million dollars to pirated copies of printed and online resources, hindering global investment in science, medicine and health. To address the challenge this poses to the wider world, as well as its own research initiatives, Elsevier approached BDB to develop a campaign that would engage and educate trade partners, students and academics, as well as internal stakeholders, on the impact of piracy globally.

Our Insight:

Historically, reporting of piracy has been limited; it’s typically perceived as a victimless crime and so the negative impact of counterfeit goods is not widely understood. Through its insights of both the challenge piracy poses and the benefits of buying genuine, BDB was able to create a unique campaign that told the stories beyond the books.

Our Response:

BDB developed a global integrated marketing campaign to encourage people to look deeper, beyond the pirated words and images. There are hidden stories taking place all over the world on the front line of science and medicine as a consequence of investment in genuine Elsevier products, and BDB sought to shine a light on these.

The campaign was split into a two phase approach. Phase one saw the concept launched to key target groups through a multi-channel approach, including digital assets, a campaign microsite and video content. The second stage was aimed specifically at trade, with a toolkit and supporting assets created for retailers to use online and in bookstores, to launch Elsevier’s new certified partner programme.

The Result:

“From the very first conversation until the last activity was ticked off, BDB approached our anti-piracy campaign with a dynamism and enthusiasm that couldn’t but guarantee success. The team came back with a choice of creatives and innovative digital and offline activities – emblematic of the depth of their engagement with the brief.

“We felt well-supported at all stages, from ideation, to campaign building and indeed deployment, speaking to multiple customers with subtly and appropriately varied messages – all linking back to a central story in keeping with our brand.

“And the results speak for themselves – our students, staff, industry and trade partners all engaged with our campaign at some level, and still compliment us on it. I would have no hesitancy in collaborating with BDB on such a challenging and wide-ranging project again.”

Dominic Graham, Trade Marketing Manager, EMEALAAP, Elsevier Health

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