A brand makeover

The Challenge:

Innospec produces active formulations and blends which enable innovative personal and beauty care products with real consumer appeal. In a crowded and highly competitive market where many brands lacked differentiation, Innospec wanted to stand out and outsmart, not just outspend the competition.

Our Insight:

BDB began by finding a unique and inspiring strategic direction for the business – something able to reposition Innospec in personal care inside and out. The insight was to anchor this in the business’ ability to blend creative vision and technological innovation. The combination of the two essential qualities made the competition appear one dimensional and provided a compelling USP. Operational changes and improvements were made to deliver on the promise.

Our Response:

To bring this USP to life, BDB created an exceptional brand icon and heroine – Scientivity – a literal blend of science and creativity.

With a human form, aspirational and cutting edge design cues, Scientivity looked like nothing else in the market. This delivered Innospec’s USP with style, originality and cut-through wherever it appeared. She reflected the new face of Innospec: brave, creative, leading.

The Scientivity brand platform was applied throughout Innospec’s global personal care business, transforming the perception of the company amongst its key target audiences. This was supported with the development of fresh, new communications collateral to promote the Scientivity brand style, with the aim of engaging with existing, new and lapsed customers.

The Results:

  • Total business rejuvenation and a sales uplift of 17.3%
  • Record levels of new leads and new customer generation, 28% of inactive accounts re-ignited
  • Numerous industry creative awards, including best exhibition stand

“It’s rare that you witness such a clear and direct link between marketing activity and increased financial performance. The Scientivity campaign will be held up as how to successfully re-position a business division to drive sales and enhance brand recognition.”

Phil Boon, Chief Operating Officer, Innospec

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